Welcome to Inertia Fitness & Nutritional Coaching

Simply stated, I believe that fitness should be fun, challenging, safe and effective. Getting fit and achieving results means constantly challenging the body.

With Inertia Fitness, classes are designed so that no two classes are alike–your body will have no idea what is in store for it from class to class. Classes are always changing because I love switching things up and creating new drills and combos!

Inertia Fitness classes include fitness kickboxing, circuit/bootcamp and interval training of hi-low, HIIT training (high intensity interval training), Tabata drills, agility drills, and more!

Classes are fun, creative and fresh and meant to challenge your fitness level whether that be the true beginner without a current fitness regime, or the elite athlete.

Modifications are demonstrated for all exercises and drills, and modifications are encouraged based on your unique fitness levels and/or current or past injuries.

All you need to do is get to class and I will do the rest – motivate, inspire, and challenge you to reach your personal bests while having fun and achieving results.

My ultimate goal?…that fitness become a component of your lifestyle that you enjoy (and possibly even look forward to!) while building a strong, healthy and lean body.

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Nutritional Coaching – Fueling your body for success

As a client of Inertia Fitness, you will receive customized meal plans tailored to your goals. My approach is to help you explore the benefits of “fueling” your body for energy, activity, nutrients and positive body image. Whether your goal includes fat loss, muscle gain or an overall healthier approach to eating, I am excited to help you work towards your goal.

More About Nutritional Coaching

Inertia Fitness was founded and located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.