Fitness Programs

At Inertia Fitness, we are able to create a unique and customized workout plan for clients. Each plan considers the following factors:

  • client’s fitness level and abilities
  • client’s past or current injuries and/or limitations
  • client’s access to equipment (ie. home-based workout with little or no equipment vs. workouts for the gym)
  • client’s goals and reasons for a fitness program
  • client’s schedule for workouts (ie. # of days per week, 15-30 minute workouts, etc)

Inertia Fitness offers the option of a variety of workouts for the client to use through their week, or new workouts based on a 6, 8 or 12 week program where the program intends to progress the client.

Fitness programs can also be combined with nutritional coaching programs.

Please contact us for details to purchase a program.